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Colouring tut - Martha Wainwright 
25th-Jul-2008 02:35 pm
Martha Wainwright glamour
Hello everyone.

This is a colouring tutorial using a Martha Wainwright picture.

- Photoshop CS2
- Involves Selective Colouring.
- Is it simple? Yes!

From to or

Open your 100x100 base.


Duplicate it, set the duplicated layer to Screen 90%. You can also set it to 100%, but this image was already pretty light so that's why I set it to 90%.


Create a blank layer, fill it with #bfe5e3, set it to Colour Burn 100%. Merge the layers together. (Layer > Merge Visible)


You should have one single layer now. Duplicate it and set it to Soft Light 100%.


Create a Selective Colour (Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Colour) layer with the following settings:

REDS: Cyan - 100
YELLOWS: Cyan +100
Magenta +32
Black +100
NEUTRALS: Magenta +18


This is optional (on top of all the other Selective Colour settings): NEUTRALS: Yellow +53


Et voilà!

28th-Jul-2008 01:42 pm (UTC)
Whoa you posted at LJ! Been awhile. Lovely tutorial! :D
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